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Reserve Fund Study

Click here to view 2013 Reserve Fund Study.

Sauna & Exercise Room Group Study

The Sauna & Exercise Room Group Study has released its final report and its recommendation will be reviewed at the Board's December or January meeting. Comments or questions would be appreciated.

Click here to view report.

68 Cooper
Key Issues

Ann Manor residents are encouraged to continue writing to the Planning Committee Councillors. It is critical that the Committee chair and sitting councilors together with Diane Holmes Councillor be informed of our concerns.

Click here to view an outline of the key issues and concerns with the developer's request for relief from existing bylaws.

Centretown Citizens Community Association
Invitation to join

The Centretown Citizens Community Association (CCCA) and its committee "Planning and Development Review" have actively supported Ann Manor's position objecting to the development of 68 Cooper Street as originally proposed by the developer Richcraft.

The CCCA executive and its related committees address community concerns with individual projects to the City of Ottawa and currently also serve as a resource to the City of Ottawa in the update of the Centretown Design Plan

68 Cooper Street Zoning By-law Amendment

This application is not on the agenda for the City of Ottawa Planning Committee meeting on July 9, 2012.

The next scheduled meeting of the Planning Committee is August 23, 2012. The developer has been required to conduct a more thorough geo-technical investigation. There remain unresolved issues regarding the side yards. Due to the additional requests for information the file may not come forward on the August agenda either.

The board requested a few owners to work as a resource group with the board to ensure that action is taken to the maximum extent possible in order to safeguard the integrity of Ann Manor's property.

The board has hired an engineering consultant. The selection process for legal counsel to represent the board at the Planning Committee meeting is underway.

Owners may wish to continue to express their concerns to the Planning Committee chair Peter Hume and to individual members.

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June, 2013

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